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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maternity & Newborn Photography 101 (Guest Blogger: Jenn Galloway)

We are proud to begin bringing you the voices of our colleagues working with families in Medicine Hat and area.  We will be showcasing guest bloggers on a monthly basis.  Today's topic is maternity and newborn photography.  Enjoy! 
Hi, everyone! I'm Jenn from A Day In The Life Photography. I am a maternity and newborn photographer located in downtown Medicine Hat.  I just want to quickly say thank you to Sherel and Michelle for teaming up with me to "guest blog".
I think that one of the most frequently asked questions that I get from moms, and soon to be moms is... When is the best time to have professional maternity and newborn photos taken?
I always tell my moms that the best time to come in for maternity photos is around 7.5-8 months. This really does vary from woman to woman though, with twins, you'll want to have photos taken earlier for sure, just in case those babies decide to come early, or in case there is bed-rest involved later on. You want to have a nice round belly, but before the babies foot gets permanently lodged in your ribs. I will try my best to take it easy on you, but you don't want to be too uncomfortable to move.
For newborns, the sooner you get in for photos, the better. If you want the curled up sweet, sleepy photos that you see, the ideal time to come is within the first 8 days. I know that no one is getting any sleep, and the last thing you want to do is comb your hair and put on something clean, but they are this tiny and cozy and sleepy for such a short amount of time, only days. You need to capture these moments, so that you can remember them this way, this size, forever.

You can check out my website here and visit me on Facebook here.
And because, let's face it, reading is always better when there are pictures, here are a couple of some recent clients - one of which was Sherel's client a couple of months ago.

What should I talk about next time? Send Sherel and Michelle some questions, or I'll have to make up my own, and you never know WHAT I'll come up with! ;)
Until next time!

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