"Ask me for strength and I will lend not only my hand, but also my heart."
~ Unknown

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Breastfeeding is Our Business - Make it Yours, Too!

Mothers often begin preparing to breastfeed before they are even pregnant.  They do their research, read books, purchase nursing bras, plan a birth without interventions and look to their partners for support.  Did you know that even if you don't currently breastfeed, you can have an influence on those who do?  Providing a supportive, non-judgmental and comfortable environment for nursing mothers has a positive impact on women continuing to breastfeed.  Knowing that their community is behind them and that they don't have to try to be "covert" or stay hidden gives nursing mothers confidence.  Breastfeeding is nature's design for optimal nutrition and provides health benefits for babies and their mothers.  Make breastfeeding your business and support a healthier future for your community!

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