"Ask me for strength and I will lend not only my hand, but also my heart."
~ Unknown

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Healthy Birth Preparation - Sowing the Seeds

Did you know that teaching your children about healthy birth starts at a young age?  How do your children perceive birth?  Is it a scary emergency event to them?  It is possible to explain the birthing process to young children in a way that is both positive and appropriate for their age level.  They do not need to know "how babies are made" to understand how babies are born.  Think of it as an investment in the health of your future grandchildren as well as your daughters or daughters-in-law.

If your son or daughter learns that birth is a normal part of life and something to look forward to, he or she will not be fearful of the process. This also helps to promote a healthy body image for your daughter.  She will learn to love her body for the amazing work it can do.

Remember, what you teach your children lasts for a lifetime.  Your son or daughter may be in the birthing room or laboring at home and remember something you said many years before about birth, his/her body,  or his/her capabilities.  Birth is a miracle.  Share the joy, starting now!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Certification Announcement - Michelle Maisonville

Michelle Maisonville, CD(CBI)

From Womb to Cradle Doula Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that Michelle Maisonville has successfully completed the course of instruction and met all requirements for birth doula certification through Childbirth International and is entitled to use the letters CD(CBI).