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~ Unknown

Friday, October 5, 2012

Moving On, Moving Forward

Dear Readers and Friends,

It is with bittersweet emotion that I announce that I will be moving to Lethbridge in November 2012.  I am excited about the new opportunities, but will miss the many friends, clients, and contacts I have formed relationships with here in Medicine Hat.

It was four years ago, in August 2008 that I began my journey as a birth doula.  I have enjoyed successes, endured heartaches and fought hard to establish the From Womb to Cradle practice in our area.  I am so blessed to have my amazing partner, Sherel Burrows, here to continue the practice in Medicine Hat.  We will still be working closely together.

There is so much I want to say and, yet, I don't think there are words enough to say it all.  I want to thank my amazing husband, Mike, for his continued support of my passion.  Thank you to Sherel, Kaitlin, Lynn, Lois and Amanda for their doula-sisterhood.  Thank you especially to the beautiful families I've been privileged to work with over these past four years.  You are why we do what we do.  Each family holds a special place in my heart and not a little one's birthday passes without fond memories of you all.  Thank you to my best friends, the three ladies that have given me not only support and love, but stern talking's to when I needed them.  I will miss you so much!

I'm looking forward to new memories and a new life in Lethbridge.  From Womb to Cradle Doula Services, Inc. will now operate there as well. To my colleagues in Lethbridge and area, I'm excited to work with all of you and continue to serve the families we all care for.

Thank you, Medicine Hat!  I wish you beautiful births and happy healthy families!


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