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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All about our mom - by Sydne & Nicolaus

This idea was shared by fellow blogger PHDinParenting

Q1. Why did God make mothers? (modified question: What are mothers for?)

To love their children. (Sydne, age 6)
Because they have babies and they rock them to sleep.  (Nicolaus, age 4)

Q2. How did God make mothers? (modified question: How were mothers made?)

With water and love and care. (S)
Uh...I don't know (N)

Q3. What ingredients are mothers made of ?

Help, kindness, and love. (S)
I don't know!! (N)

Q4. Why did God give you your mother and not some other Mum? (modified question: Why am I your mommy your mommy instead of another woman being your mommy?)

Cause He knew you were the one who would love me. (S)
Uh...like...because God made you (N)

Q5. What kind of little girl was your mommy?

You were a girl who wanted to be a doula. (S)
You played Barbies and watched cartoons. (N)

Q6. What did Mommy need to know about Daddy before she married him?

That he was the perfect one. (S)
Dance then eat. (N)

Q7. Why did your Mommy marry (choose) your Daddy?

Cause you both have M's at the start of your names. (S)
Because it's nice. (N)

Q8. Who’s the boss at your house?

Our parents. (S)
You! (N)

Q9. What’s the difference between mommies and daddies?

It's because uh...girls wears skirts and boys wear pants. (S)  * Side note:  I hardly ever wear skirts!
Daddies are stinky and you smell nice. (N)

Q10. What does your mommy do in her spare time?

Read. (S)
Relax and computers. (N)

Q11. What would it take to make your mommy perfect?

Um...serve spaghetti everyday. That's more like it! (S)
More make-up. (N)

Q12. If you could change one thing about your mommy, what would it be?

No time outs. (S)
A pirate. (N)

I’d like to learn more about you too…would you ask your kids these questions, post the answers on your blog and link back here? Drop your post URL in the comments below too if you do


  1. Your boys answers are really sweet, I loved that your eldest just figured you wanted to be a doula from when you were a little girl (hows that for following your dreams! :)


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