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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inspired: An interview with Birth Source, Inc's Tracey Stolarchuk

In 2008, Michelle took a trip to Edmonton, where she had lived for three years and had given birth to both of her children.  She had been a longtime reader of Birth Issues magazine, a publication of the Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth (ASAC), and was excited to visit one of the advertised stores, Birth Source, Inc.  It was on that occasion that she had the great fortune to meet Tracey Stolarchuk who has been a friend, a mentor, and a great inspiration to the From Womb to Cradle family.  We are happy to share the following conversation with you, our readers, between Michelle and our friend, Tracey, who recently retired from professional doula work.

FWTC: Tell us about yourself (work, family, interests)

Tracey: I have had four children. My first son Paul was born 23 years ago, followed by Michael who is 17, Sean who is 11 and a daughter Megan who is 9. The best part of what I do as a Mom is sharing my love of Birth Source with my children. All of them are very proud of the work I do and value families and babies as much as I do. I homeschool my youngest two so they are at work with me each day as well.

FWTC: When and why did you decide to become a doula?

Tracey: I had attened several births long before learning about doulas and found that experience both very profound and rewarding. I met a woman many years later who was a postpartum doula and I was facinated with the philosophy and the opportunity to serve women and share my own experiences as a mother. She told me about the birth doula workshop that I attended and after finishing that with an amazing instructor I was hooked.

FWTC: How long did you practice? Did you work primarily in hospital or at home births? 

Tracey: My doula practice in all has spanned almost 15 years and I recently retired from professional work. Most of my clients were having their babies in the hospital but I was also very fortunate to be invited to homebirths as well.

FWTC: What motivated you to open Birth Source, Inc.?

Tracey: My professional work as a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator meant sourcing out products for both myself and my clients. This began my quest for high quality items that would enhance the lives of birthing women and parents. I received more and more requests from customers along the way which lead to a larger retail undertaking ultimately launching the Birth Source online store. After a brief period of working from home I missed the face to face interaction with my customers and felt I could provide better service in person. My need to combine the retail and service portion of my business meant a space that accommodated both so the store front for Birth Source was born in September 2007.

FWTC: What are your favorite products?

Tracey: Hands down the most helpful product has been a baby carrier. As with many products, they have changed a lot over the years, but it ranks very high on my list of must-have products.

FWTC: What are your hopes and dreams for the future of Birth Source, Inc. and your work with families?

Tracey: Birth Source was never meant to be a single-faceted business. In fact, it was always meant to be a community resource, combining education, retail, support and community building to make the vision work. The most inspiring thing on my journey to create Birth Source has been the many, many people I have met and networked with that tell me, “Yes, this is what is missing in our community.” We need places like Birth Source to bring women back together on a mother-to-mother basis, sharing wisdom and joys and sorrows on a basic level with one another.

FWTC: Thank you so much, Tracey!  We're excited to share your business with many more families.

If you are in the Edmonton, AB area, you can visit Birth Source, Inc.'s retail location (click here for a virtual tour) at 5024 - 106 Avenue and/or call them for information on their upcoming workshops and community activities at (780) 758-2525.  Shop online at http://www.birthsource.ca

Tracey is also generously donating a Family Tree Glass "Birth Partner" Pendant to our 900th Facebook Fan Giveaway!  Thank you, Tracey!  Click here to enter the giveaway!


  1. Michelle, Sherel and Kaitlin thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing our beloved Birth Source Inc. with your audience! FWTC embodies why we set out on the journey in the first place, to join women, mothers,families & professionals together. To share the everyday miracle of birth and caring for Mothers and Babies with love, respect and dignity.

    Your blog continues to be a wonderful resource and I know your doula spirits all burn very brightly!

    Peace & Joy,


  2. Tracey, we're so honoured to know you and overjoyed to see how much you bless the families not only in Edmonton, but around the world with your work! XOXO

    Michelle, Sherel, & Kaitlin


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