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Monday, August 23, 2010

12 Weeks to Go! Diabetes Check...

Well I am 28 weeks now! My belly is growing and our baby is moving about all day. I am loving every moment of this pregnancy. I am also getting excited to meet our baby in about 12 weeks.

My husband and I have been busy doing some house renovations and getting the nursery ready. We decided to do a pink and brown nursery. It is going to look amazing once it is done. Hopefully I will get the room all put together tomorrow. We also made a couple big purchases for our little girl. Our stroller, car seat, playpen, and crib have now all been bought. I had the hardest time making up my mind about exactly which playpen, stroller, and car seat I wanted. Thankfully my husband was with me to help me finally make up my mind. If I can make any suggestions for a mom to be who has not yet started shopping I would say don't over look. I looked at everything, everywhere so many times that nothing seemed "wonderful" to me. I am now very happy with the purchases we have made.

Today I had to do the one thing that I heard everyone dreads during pregnancy; the diabetes check. I must say that I was told that this orange stuff I was going to have to drink would be thick like syrup and taste like undiluted orange pop. I am happy to report that I didn't find it overly bad. It wasn't thick at all! Thin like water. The taste though is not the greatest but not as bad as everyone made it seem. Sitting there for an hour waiting was the worst part. I felt very light headed and really wanted to drink some water. Even after I finally got to leave I still was light headed and really just needed some water to make me feel better. For all of you who have not yet done this test don't worry about it. It isn't the greatest tasting stuff but it is not unbearable.

Well 12 weeks to go until we meet our little girl. We now have doctors appointments every 2 weeks instead of 4. Our doctor here in Brooks does not do deliveries so we will also be switching doctors in the next couple weeks. Thanks for reading!

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