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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Passing it on...A fascinating blog about meeting our children's needs

Blogger Laurie A. Couture writes about child advocacy, children's rights and attachment.  Her latest post Child Advocacy and Children's Rights Resolutions for the New Decade details many of her concerns regarding the rights of the child, the trend of medicating children, and suggestions for practical attachment-based parenting.  My favorite section of the post, entitled So What Should Child Advocates Do? states the following:
The most basic and critical need of all mammal children, including human children, is for a secure, deep, permanent attachment to at least one parent, either by birth or adoption. Secure attachment is the result of a parent immediatly responding to and meeting the needs of their child, in a manner that is warm, loving and compassionate. The result of secure attachment is a parent-child relationship which is loving, warm, cooperative, respectful, healthy, and which grows stronger and more reciprocal as the child grows older
Laurie goes on to state:
The human attachment cycle is the basic mammalian blueprint for a world-wide children's rights movement. The agenda of children's rights advocacy should be based upon the basic physical, emotional and developmental needs of children viewed from an organic, nature-based perspective, untainted by industrialized, religious, political or financial interpretation. Any other agenda is superficial and superfluous at best. At worst any other agenda is a front to protect adult power and control over children and financial and political agendas.
The blogger goes into wonderful detail about the natural study of peaceful nonviolent tribal cultures.  Her posts are intelligent and well-researched. Putting the needs of our children first to secure a brighter future....it just makes sense.

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